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Pinewood Kitchen & Mercantile: A Rural Gem

The tiny community of Pinewood is located in Hickman County. First settled by Samuel Graham in the 1830s, by the 1850s, the Pinewood Plantation and Pinewood community were well established. One thing that made Pinewood special was that Sam Graham believed in the equality of all men and did not support slavery. To pay his help equally, he created “Pinewood dollars.” Pinewood was a completely self-sustaining community.

At Pinewood’s peak, close to 3,000 people were employed in the tiny community, and during the Civil War, some historians believe that at least 4,000 Confederate and Yankee soldiers passed through. Pinewood prospered and found its way until the late 1800s, when the land was divided and people moved away. Chef and author Mee McCormick, along with her husband and two young daughters live on the original Pinewood Farm. They raise grass fed cattle, sheep, hogs, chickens, horses and bio-dynamic produce. The majority of the farm's product is used in their small farm to table restaurant, The Pinewood Store & Kitchen. The Pinewood Store has been the hub of the community since the 1920’s.

Mee become a proponent of eating healthy and immune system building food after an at risk childhood and the early death of her mother from Crohn's Disease. Once she had her own family and began having her own medical issues, , she became convinced eating the right foods would make a difference to her health. She embarked on a grand adventure in her kitchen and learned about power of our body's immune system. She became focused on learning more about the importance that food plays in our bodies. After training in a professional culinary program, Mee learned to combine healthy, fresh and natural foods with classic American favorites. She began creating her own style of cooking. Classic training taught Mee what and why we crave comfort foods. She learned to shift the ingredients in these comfort foods and give them a makeover to support wellness. She incorporated all kinds of cooking into her recipes, including: raw, vegan, vegetarian, Paleo or macrobiotic foods. Mee became a passionate voice for wellness eating and cooking. Leading cooking classes in both Los Angeles and Nashville, Mee learned that all people have the same concerns about food and people craved the knowledge how to make healthy and delicious food. She has become a nationally published cookbook author, an autoimmune cooking expert and a regular on WSMV's "Today in Nashville".

This past summer, Mee released her latest cookbook, The Pinewood Kitchen A Southern Culinary Cure.


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