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Cooking Up! Teaches Fresh, Quick Seasonal Cooking

Cooking Up is a Nashville non-profit teaching healthy cooking, simple meals and a sustainable lifestyle in marginalized communities. What We Do The vision of Cooking Up is to help people find joy in the kitchen, and then sitting down together at the table for a meal made with seasonally fresh foods. We want to teach families to learn the benefits of simple, healthy cooking and how this can happen in their own kitchens. Cooking Up teaches people how to feed themselves and their families; how to cook meals every day that are simple to make and provide healthy nourishment. Why Learn To Cook? Learning how to cook provides families with the lifelong knowledge that can help them make sustainable and healthy lifestyle changes, basic cooking skills can keep food from going to waste. When you purchase a custom program from Cooking Up, a portion of the proceeds is a tax deductible (in process) donation. Your donation goes directly towards supporting our cooking programs in Nashville marginalized communities which provide the knowledge and skills to cook simple, healthy meals on a very limited budget. Make a difference in a family's life by purchasing a custom program or gift card. Knowledge is Power

Pole Bean, Tomato & Fresh Herb Salad Yellow Pole Beans, ends trimmed & steamed, but still firm Cherry Tomatoes, Roma Tomatoes, any varieties, cut each into a different sizes (Cherry in half, Romas quartered, etc.) Mint, Basil, and/or Lavender, fresh herbs chiffonade the leaves of mint, basil, roughly chop lavender Toss all together in a bowl, Add a large splash of olive oil, a smaller splash of vinegar (white wine, balsamic or red, any will work), along with a hearty pinch of salt & several grinds of black pepper This can be made earlier in the day & sit at room temp or refrigerate so the flavors all blend together Optional add ins: feta or goat cheese, shredded hard cheese (parmesan, gouda, whatever is available in the fridge), already cooked meats (chicken, sausage) As always, adjust all seasonings for your taste

Jilah Kalil, M.Ed Cooking Up Nashville

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