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What more can be said about these unprecedented days?

We’re having the most extraordinary early summer that I can remember and, so far, there are no blights or pests in the garden. As I sat down to write this note, three whooping cranes just flew overhead and it’s one beautiful morning. Due to our living circumstances, my husband and I have had to continue working out in the public and so far we have remained healthy, if a little anxious and concerned to go to work each day.

However, we are still working and still paying our bills. We had to stop mid-process of putting together this Annual Guide because everything shut down. I seriously considered giving this year a pass, but it seemed more important than ever to connect the consumer to our local producers and artisans.

A theme emerged from this year’s guide: The things that give us comfort—and one of the most important items is food and those with whom we share it.

So many of our longtime advertising supporters were hit with the tornado, then the shutdown. For many businesses, reopening is in question. The health of our community depends on small businesses and they are suffering.

The Annual Resource Guide is a bit smaller this year, but I want to say a huge “thank you” and blessing to those businesses who have stepped up to continue supporting our mission.

Please support them. There would be no Local Table without their support.

The only way our local food and artisan community is going to survive is with the support of all of us. Go to your local farmers’ markets, buy gift cards and take-out at your favorite neighborhood restaurant and coffeehouse, buy a t-shirt to help a cause. We are in this together and though we have to be physically distant at this time, there is no reason why we can’t stand with one another.

Eat local, buy local!

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