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The Only Local Guide To Food And Farms In Middle Tennessee - Summer 2016
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Celebrating The People Who Bring Us Homegrown Food From Tennessee Farms
Welcome to Local Table Our goal is to support a community that celebrates every meal and is thoughtful about where we live and how we eat.
Welcome to Local Table
Our goal is to support a community that celebrates every meal and is thoughtful about where we live and how we eat.

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Bountiful Summertime!
Cover illustration by Duncan Ragsdale
What a year it has been so far! There was so much happening around me that I even contemplated not planting my veggie garden this year. It just seemed like a project to big for me to handle. In thinking about what I should do, I realized gardening was exactly what I needed. The miracle of seeds sprouting and eventually bearing beans or squash or an incredible tomato was too much to let go. I knew I would regret a decision not to plant. So, at this very moment there are trays of tomato plants, peppers and a box full of seeds waiting to get to the garden! More
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Tana Comer of Eaton’s Creek Farm, Growing As She Goes New
My status as a food adventurist propels me to a favored Martha Stewart recipe: Mixed Chicories with Persimmons. But I can’t find its ingredients around any old corner. Where to begin? The answer is as simple as a chat with the uniquely talented Tana Comer of Eaton’s Creek Organics Farm.She is an ideal starting point.She will win your CSA-loving heart. Tana has a steady gaze.Her directness pushes for the business at hand: our scheduled chat about her history as a farmer. But the story has tangents and Tana’s farm manager, Julia Thompson, is present and listening. One important fact to know at the outset: Eaton’s Creek Farm was sanctioned as the first organic farm in Davidson County. More

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Farm To Table Restaurant Guide
Our readers have requested we publish a farm-to-table restaurant guide. So, kicking off with the spring issue, we are excited to include the new Farm-to-Table Restaurant Guide highlighting the restaurants committed to using local and seasonal ingredients. Restaurants are invited to become a part of the guide by emailing menu@localtable.net. Please support these Middle Tennessee restaurants with your dollars. Restaurants and eateries sourcing local food have made a serious commitment to our local food shed. And, don't forget to mention Local Table when making reservations! More

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A Guide To Food And Farming
We want to make it easier to find healthier, and tastier food for you and your family. We offer easy and varied choices. You can choose catagories like farmers markets, wineries, retailers, or products, or select counties, or search the whole database. You can even combine a leisure day trip in our beautiful countryside with a gourmet destination. We hope you can use the guide, along with the magazine, as a resource to the agricultural bounties of Middle Tennessee.

We are looking for farmers growing crops, or anyone we may have missed. If you are not included in this guide and would like to make sure your farm, farmers market or retail operation is listed in the future, please get in touch. You can call Lisa at 1-615-677-6645 or lisa@localtable.net or use our online form.
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We have two new ways to help our readers find you! Both plans guarantee your farm will be listed in all four issues of Local Table Magazine and more. Click here for more info and to sign up or you can call Lisa at 1-615-677-6645 or email lisa@localtable.net. Not part of the farm guide yet? Use this online form to sign up.
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We hope you can join the Local Table community and help our readers find you! There are a lot of restaurants claiming to use local producers, but we want to show our readers the restaurants and artisan producers they can depend on for sourcing locally. I'd be happy to send you a listing form if you're interested. You can call Lisa at 1-615-677-6645 or lisa@localtable.net.

We hope you can use this website, along with the magazine, as a resource to the agricultural bounties of Middle Tennessee. Please feel free to keep in touch with us to pass along news you feel may be of interest to others, recipes, or comments to make Local Table a better place to meet. Thanks for joining us at Local Table.

We make no guarantee as to the quality of any produce or product from a farm or to anybodies growing practices. We're only providing a guide to local farms and invite you to find your favorite.

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