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Valley Home Farm →
Open Now
Fruit Spreads Baked Goods Farm Stand PYO Bedford N/A 5
Baird Mountain Blueberry Farm → Fruit PYO Moore N/A 3
Schrock Honey Acres → Sweetener Fruit Farm Stand Local Retailers PYO Farmers Market Overton N/A 2
Berry Ridge Farms → Fruit PYO Farm Stand Overton N/A 2
Evergreen Farm →
Open Now
Nursery & Flowers Greenhouse Overton N/A 2
The Orchard at Cross Plains → Fruit Produce PYO Farmers Market Farm Stand Robertson N/A 1
The Blueberry Patch → Fruit PYO Farm Stand Rutherford N/A 3
Jones Mill Farm →
Open Now
Produce Fruit Dry Goods Specialty Spreads Baked Goods Farmers Market Rutherford N/A 2
Circle S Farms →
Open Now
Fruit Produce Spreads Dairy & Eggs Nursery & Cut Flowers Farm Stand PYO Wilson N/A 1
Bottom View Farm →
Open Now
Fruit Produce Sweetener Farm Stand Sumner N/A 2
Madison Creek Farms → Nursery & Flowers Produce Herbs Fruit Dairy & Eggs Retail Farm Stand CSA Sumner N/A 1
Randall Walker Farms →
Open Now
Fruit Produce Spreads Specialty Nursery & Flowers PYO Farm Stand Farmers Market Warren N/A 2
Bugtussle Farm → Produce Fruit Dairy & Eggs Meat CSA Farmers Market Monroe (Kentucky) N/A 1
Doe Run Farm CSA → Produce Fruit CSA Lincoln N/A 1
Hill and Hollow Farm → Produce Fruit Dairy & Eggs Nursery & Flowers Specialty CSA Farmers Market Metcalfe (Kentucky) N/A 1
Kelley's Berry Farm → Fruit PYO Farm Stand Farmers Market Trousdale N/A 2
Culbertson Farms → Produce Fruit Sweeteners PYO Farm Stand Hardin N/A 2
Erin's Farm → Nursery & Flowers Fruit Montgomery N/A 1
Howell's Farm → Produce Fruit Farmers Market Davidson N/A 1
Hidden Springs Nursery → Nursery & Flowers Farm Stand Mail Order Jackson N/A 2
J & J Organic Berry Farm → Fruit PYO Farm Stand Franklin N/A 2
Rainbow Hill Farm →
Open Now
Fruit Produce PYO Farmers Market Warren N/A 1
Shade Tree Farm and Orchard → Fruit Specialty Baked Goods Farm Stand Farmers Market Robertson N/A 2
Double Star Bar Farms →
Open Now
Fruit Produce Specialty Farmers Market CSA Wilson N/A 1
Norton Family Farm → Produce Fruit Spreads Specialty Baked Goods Farmers Market Maury N/A 1
Blue Honey Farm → Fruit Sweetener Speciality Farmers Market Online Rutherford N/A 8
Bert Driver Nursery →
Open Now
Nursery & Flowers Farm Stand DeKalb N/A 1
Lester Farms → Produce Fruit Farm Stand Farmers Market CSA Wilson N/A 1
Half Hill Farm →
Open Now
Fruit Specialty Farm Stand Cannon N/A 2
Beaverdam Creek Farm →
Open Now
Produce Herbs Nursery & Flowers Fruits Meat Specialty CSA Farmers Market Hickman N/A 1
Bobbett's → Fruits Produce Farm Stand Casey (Kentucky) N/A 1
Batey Farms →
Open Now
Fruit Produce Meat Nursery & Cut Flowers Farm Stand PYO Rutherford N/A 2
Bells Bend Farm → Produce Fruit Dairy & Eggs Herbs CSA Farmers Market Davidson N/A 1
McCraw Strawberry Ranch → Fruit Sweetener Farm Stand PYO Montgomery N/A 2
Fruity Patch Farm → Fruit PYO Maury N/A 2
Ralston Farm →
Open Now
Fruit Sweetener Farm Stand Farmers Market U Pick Wilson N/A 2
Berries on the Bend → Fruit Sweetener PYO Farm Stand Wilson N/A 2
Hodgdon Farms →
Open Now
Meat Fruit Produce Farmers Market Farm Stand Humphreys N/A 1
Busy Bee Farm Blueberry Patch → Fruit Farm Stand Robertson N/A 5
Highland Berries →
Open Now
Fruit Dairy & Eggs PYO Farmers Market Farm Stand Maury N/A 2
Swan Mill Nursery →
Open Now
Nursery & Cut Flowers Produce Farm Stand Warren N/A 2
Farmhouse Nashville, CSA & Delivery  → Produce Dairy & Eggs Fruit CSA Smith N/A 1

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