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Bedford County
CSA, retail
Courtney Deal
259 Grant Rd.
Shelbyville, TN 37160
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What's here: (Click for recipes) Beef, Pork
Nashville Cattle Co produces humanely and pasture raised beef and pork. All of our animals are raised without the use of hormones and antibiotics. We believe that a truly sustainable farm honors the animal it raises by harvesting only what it can provide to the consumer. To achieve this balance, we sell our product in shares and micro-shares, allowing us to sell all product before taking another animal from the herd. Shares include various combinations of ground meats, premium steaks, sausages, bacon, and more. Buying in shares is responsible, sustainable, healthy and above all else, delicious!

Nashville Cattle Co. meats come from our family’s farm, The High Lonesome Ranch in Shelbyville, TN where we’ve been raising all-natural, rotationally grazed cattle, for more than 20 years. Cows are rotated among more than 20 pastures of grasses like clover, rye, and chicory so they are constantly eating the most nutritious parts of the grass, while the rest of the land rejuvenates. We implemented these same concepts with our newest addition to the farm: Purebred Berkshire hogs. We chose a large section of wooded land and divided it into pastures strictly for pigs, in which they are free to roam and forage from the land. We know that happy animals produce healthy, delicious meat which is why we are proud to share our product with customers of Nashville Cattle Co.

The Nashville Cattle Co is run by brother and sister team, Adam and Courtney Deal. Adam is the heart and soul of Nashville Cattle Co. He brings with him years of experience working the family farm and adds to it, ten years as a Nashville restaurateur. This combination of experiences gives him the unique perspective of producer, distributor, and chef. Adam's perspective makes him all the more particular about the care our animals receive and the standards of quality we adhere to. Courtney has experience as a marketer at some of the world's leading brands including Kelloggs, American Express, and Nickelodeon. While understanding where her food comes from has always been important to Courtney, welcoming her first child in 2014 has made her even more vigilant in having that knowledge and feels strongly about offering the same to other families. With the combined passion between Adam and Courtney, consumers can be sure they will always get the highest quality meat, allowing Nashville area consumers to Eat Like a Farmer.

Last modified: Wed Feb 14 2018
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