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Fellowship of the Preparation Makers Conference


Bring any compost preparations you’ve made, including ones you are not satisfied with, so we can show and tell and learn together. Friday will feature seasoned “fellows” examining the preparations in depth, while Saturday will be more general education of preparation making.

All meals and workshops included.

The mission of the Fellowship of the Preparation Makers is to help ensure the availability of high quality biodynamic preparations in North American into the future. We gather each year to share what we have learned and expand our understanding in fellowship with one another. The Fellowship welcomes and encourages preparations makers at all stages of interest to join us.

In the middle point of the Agriculture Course, Steiner tells us we should and, needless to say, will go on manuring as before, and that the manure must be subjected to a proper treatment so as to quicken and vitalize it sufficiently. This year we’ll explore how this treatment, known as the biodynamic compost preparations, helps create the organs of the farm organism.

Cost: Friday morning to Sunday afternoon – $200. This includes all workshops and meals.
For Saturday only (including only lunch and dinner), the cost is $100.
Pre-registration is required by January 20, 2018. Space is limited. You can also register by emailing Coree at Coreekaleseed@yahoo.com and then just pay at the door.



7:30 – Breakfast
9:00 – Hugh Courtney
 “Preparations Related to Human & Cosmos”
10:30 -Examining the compost preparations
12:00 – Lunch 
2:00 – Continuing compost preparation observations
4:00 – Creative/perceptive exercises
6:00 – Dinner
7:00 – Dewane Morgan, Midheaven Farm
“Using the Biodynamic Preparation Plants in a Changing Climate”

7:30 – breakfast
9:00 – Hugh Courtney & Lloyd Nelson 
“Preparations as Organs of the Farm Organisms”
10:30 – Hands on Exploration of Biodynamic sheaths and herbs
12:30 – Lunch – A Report from the Fellowship
2:00 – Regional Perspectives on Biodynamic sheaths and herbs.  
3:00 – Placing the preparations in the pile. 
6:30 – Dinner
8:00 – A musical evening together 


7:30 – Breakfast 
9:00 – Agriculture Course Reading, Lecture 5 
11:00 – Closing Ceremony 
12:30 – Lunch 
2:00 – Farm tour

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