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Farm Face - JD Country Milk

“We choose to stay consistent with our small dairy farmers.” --Willis Schrock


W illis Schrock had milked cows his whole life growing up in Illinois, so it was no surprise that he eventually purchased a transport truck and began to haul milk to the processing plant. In 1998, Willis, his wife, Edna, and eight children moved to Kentucky and bought a dairy farm. Soon, they got down to the business of bottling and delivering milk the way they feel it should be.

JD Country Milk
Edna and Willis Schrock

Striving to provide quality, the Schrocks create their product from the cows’ vitamin-enriched diet—with access to all the grass that can be eaten. They market JD Country Milk in glass jars, which keeps the cream from sticking to the top. The milk is low temp pasteurized, not homogenized.


JD Country Milk purchases from other small farms, helping the dairy farm survive. They deliver whole milk, 2% milk, skim milk, chocolate milk, buttermilk, cream, half and half and four flavors of drinkable yogurt to stores in Kentucky, Tennessee and Indiana.

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