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A Guide To Food And Farming In Middle Tennessee
Spring 2014
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Celebrating The People Who Bring Us Homegrown Food From Tennessee Farms
Welcome to Local Table Our goal is to support a community that celebrates every meal and is thoughtful about where we live and how we eat.
Local Table is dedicated to celebrating the small farmers and other folks who bring us homegrown food from Tennessee farms. Our goal is to support a community that celebrates every meal and is thoughtful about where we live and how we eat. When we eat locally raised food, we can literally ensure the continuation of the family farm, protect our rural green spaces and support a food system that brings a steady supply of fresh, healthy foods to our towns and cities.

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A Guide To Food And Farming
Photo WE WANT TO MAKE IT EASIER TO FIND HEALTHIER, AND TASTIER FOOD FOR YOU AND YOUR FAMILY. We offer easy and varied choices. You can choose catagories like farmers markets, wineries, retailers, or products, or select counties, or search the whole database. You can even combine a leisure day trip in our beautiful countryside with a gourmet destination. We hope you can use the guide, along with the magazine, as a resource to the agricultural bounties of Middle Tennessee. More
We are looking for farmers growing crops, or anyone we may have missed. If you are not included in this guide and would like to make sure your farm, farmers market or retail operation is listed in the future, please get in touch. You can call Lisa at 1-615-677-6645 or lisa@localtable.net or use our online form.

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Photo Will it be so? Will the season really change from frigid cold, blustery winds, and gray days to sunshine, warmer temps, and that hard to define but totally recognizable spring day? We're having a teaser today with temperatures in the mid60s, and even the birds' singing has changed pitch. The horses are just running in the pasture, and a hawk flew overhead this morning carrying nesting materials into a tree - so it must be happening. All of us - people and animals alike - are feeling the need for vitamin D and the touch of warmth on our skin.


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Be Intentional When Planting Your Home Garden New
Photo Fruits and vegetables have been in the public eye for years because of their nutritional benefits. What is it about these plant-based products that give us positive health outcomes? In addition to the vitamins and minerals they provide, researchers have been making advancements to find more answers. What they are discovering is that plant- based foods are high in phytochemicals; (pronounced "fight-o-chemicals"). Phytochemicals were unknown until a few years ago, but their discovery is recognized as being as important to that of vitamins. These non-nutritive, plant- based chemicals give fruits and vegetables their flavor, odor, and color.


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Lisa Bedner/Pipsissewa Herbs New
Photo What's the difference between an herb and a weed? According to Lisa Bedner, "A weed is an herb that is growing in the wrong place and you haven't figured out what to do with it yet." A certified medical herbalist and member of the Native American Teehahnahmah nation, Lisa is the owner and operator of Pipsissewa Herbs, specializing in medicinal herbs and native species. She lives on and takes care of the farm with her husband and helpmate, Stephen. Flourishing in spring and summer, Pipsissewa Herbs features several beautiful display gardens and production herb beds. The farm is part of Cherokee Medicine Woods, a historically rich source of herbal plants where Native Americans foraged for medicinal herbs in times past. "A lot of the things I grow and sell are comparatively rare. I get people that will come from up to 500 miles away for plant material,"


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Photo Become Part of a Farm With A CSA Share New
For a growing number of people, it has become important to know where the foods they eat come from -- specifically. Local proteins and produce have gradually risen to prominence in communities around the country. For foodies, eating at restaurants that offer local goods has been a priority for years. But in today's nutrition-conscious environment, eating local has become part of many households. A big reason for that is the emergence of the CSA. More

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Photo Jackson County, Tennessee New
Essayist and farmer Wendell Berry says, "Be still and listen to the voices that belong to the stream banks and the trees and the open fields. There are songs and sayings that belong to this place, by which it speaks for itself and no other." Jackson County was established by the Tennessee Legislature in 1801. Claiming two traffic lights today, Gainesboro, Tennessee, as in the earliest of times, is the county seat. Once a bustling port city close to the cross-section of the Cumberland and Roaring Rivers, it marks the site of Historic Avery Trace, a road where folks in the 1790s would embark upon a westward adventure. More

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Radical Farm Wives
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Connecting to Nashville's Food Scene
Hungry at Heart
Bon Appetit is a great magazine. If you’ve read my blog for very long you’ll know I often post adaptations of their recipes. Not only are the recipes great (and more straightforward and unfussy than you might think), but I also look forward to the photography and styling, culture and travel...
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Live Green Tennessee - Season 5, Episode 11

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We visit Grandaddy's Farm for agri-tourism fun for the family. Then we take a look at home business that brews kombucha tea. And finally we learn about living green through running...

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We hope you can use this website, along with the magazine, as a resource to the agricultural bounties of Middle Tennessee. Please feel free to keep in touch with us to pass along news you feel may be of interest to others, recipes, or comments to make Local Table a better place to meet. Thanks for joining us at Local Table.

We make no guarantee as to the quality of any produce or product from a farm or to anybodies growing practices. We're only providing a guide to local farms and invite you to find your favorite.

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